Herbal remedies and treatments have been used for hundreds of years on horses. For our horse’s to thrive in confined spaces, herbs can be used to supplement paddock forage and nourish, invigorate and heal. I encourage you to explore some of the wisdom in these books that navigate the wonderful and rich world of herbs.

‘A Healthy Horse the Natural Way’ by Catherine Bird. A Healthy Horse the Natural Way provides a complete approach to horse health, covering: herbs, massage, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, biochemic tissue salts, vibrational healing/energy fields, and perhaps, most important, how and when to use a combination of these therapies and when to use them in conjunction with veterinary treatment. This practical handbook will help you interpret your horse’s health issues as they arise, and go beyond merely treating the symptoms to find the underlying cause. This book is one of my favourites because of the encouragement and depth of emotional exploration when selecting remedies.
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‘The Practical Horse Herbal’ by Victoria Ferguson. This book provides reliable, concise information on nutrition and basic herbal remedies for many of the routine problems that horse owners will encounter. In addition to advice on specific complaints or conditions, there is general advice on keeping your horse healthy and fit. Victoria explores mineral deficiencies and how to prevent it in this easy to read handbook.
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‘Natural Horse Care’ by Pat Coleby. Pat Coleby is famous for her affordable, practical horse care methods. In this book she outlines correct feeding, nutritional deficiency and detailed explorations of vitamins and minerals with specific treatment plans for a variety of ailments. Pat explores soil content and pasture improvement as well as natural feeding for our horses.
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‘Herbal Horsekeeping’ by Robert McDowell and Di Rowling. “Herbal Horsekeeping” introduces the reader to the ins-and-outs of one of the oldest and most effective medical methods. Topics covered include: understanding, growing, and preparing herbs; herbs for your horse’s general health, and for the performance and breeding horse; and treatments for specific conditions and basic recipes. Included is a list of specific herbs, their identifying characteristics, and their individual actions. This book I have not yet read, though it comes recommended to me and it is on my reading list.
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‘Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses’ by Mary L. Brennan and Norma Eckroate. A comprehensive manual to alternative horse care, this guide helps horse owners discover simple ways to have a positive impact on their horse’s health and quality of life–from the latest research and comprehensive guidelines for natural care to acupuncture and herbal supplementation. This book is also on my to-read list and comes recommended to me.
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‘The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care’ by C.J. Puotinen. I have included this book for anyone who has a cat or dog (or other animal for that matter) who would like a great resource and detailed, reader-friendly reference book. I found this book to be comprehensive and fantastic for its first aid strategies, dietary advice and easy-to-apply natural treatments for common animal ailments.
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